I have always loved colour and the way colour can affect mood. I aim to invoke a feeling of warmth and happiness through my creations.
Pattern is also a very important element in my art, which comes from my background in textiles and interior design.
After starting out as an artist and interior designer, I have also been employed as a Primary Teacher for several years . Working with children on creative projects has influenced my own work towards a style which appeals to the younger generation and my paintings and prints are ideal for a child's bedroom or playroom, although I also have many adult fans! My own 3 children are my biggest inspiration and most challenging critics.
My paintings have a dreamlike quality and recently I have started to include figurative work in my compositions.
My trademark dark sky with twinkling stars and moon set off the bright colours and simple forms of my nocturnal characters and bring them to life.

Kay Nicolson
BA Hons Craft & Design
PGCE Primary Education

About Us

My Moon Garden by Kay Nicolson

A range of hand painted canvases, prints, cards and notebooks to suit any budget. Small, framed pictures can be personalised for a unique gift - perfect for new babies, birthdays and special occasions. Unframed canvases are ideal to hang above cots and children's beds as they contain no glass and are very light.
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